06 October 2016

National Noodle Day

National Noodle Day was created in 1899 to commemorate the great chef Marconi Franconi Francois Mifferstein, one of the leading chefs of New York City and a personal favorite of national and world leaders.

Chef Mifferstein believed, with rabid fervancy expressed often to his admirers, that noodles were a transubstantial representation of the intestines of Jesus Christ.  He was heard on at least one occasion quoting Christ's words to his disciples:  "Take.  Eat.  These are my guts."

After the Chef's death, a few of his followers started a religion based upon his noodle teachings, but without his recipes, which he carried with him to his grave (in his back pocket), the faith soon died out.  An attempt to exhume the body and retrieve the recipes was blocked by his widow, who exclaimed, "Leave the man sleep, you crazy bastards!"

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mrs random said...

Thank you for filling in the backstory!