30 June 2011

The Toy is not A Toy

These are tags from a paint-it-yourself, wooden horse barn which included four plush horses inside it.

The main blue tag clearly identifies the product as a barn, with plush animals included. Okay, it says plush "animal", but there were four.

The white tag then informs us that the barn is NOT a toy, and must be "carefully" removed before giving the toy to children.

I'm getting confused. So the barn is just for decoration (display it with pride on the mantle), and some toy horses were thrown in because, why not, they just happened to be in the factory.

I imagine if the company sold a wagon with a cushion included, it would instruct you to remove the wagon. But carefully.


Seraphim said...

The barn probably has paint disapproved by the FDA or something so they wrote that to avoid the "intended for use by children" laws.

Seraphim said...
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