24 June 2010


I planted four more flowers in the bed by the front door today. I think there are now eight different kinds of flowers there, along with a variety of herbs. Today's additions included what was labeled a "Chocolate Mint" coleus. In looking at photos online, it looks more like "Dark Chocolate", since it lacks any green edge. It is deeply textured, and a very dark purple. The other additions included a yellow, African marigold, a dahlia (sort of a mistake, actually), and a dianthus. I already had planted French marigolds, violets, pansies, primroses (earlier, but they are still blooming), and at the very front of the bed, a small mass of nasturtiums. There are various other plants mixed into the zoo, too. There is still a big open spot between the nasturtiums and the rest I want to do something with.

Out back in the veggie patch more growth is beginning, with the advent of summerish weather, and the first carrots are starting to sprout, after ten days. There are buds on the beans, and the borage is flowering.

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