29 March 2009


"The extent to which LSD fomented the cultural revolution of the 1960s has all but disappeared in a miasma of drug war propaganda. ... In its time, LSD was more dangerous to the ruling order than Mao, Che, or the Founding Fathers themselves.

"The US Government threw everything but the kitchen sink at getting (certain) Americans to stop “turning on,” launching the Drug War that eventually locked up millions of drug offenders.... But it wasn’t the “turning on” part that they feared—for there are many benefits to having a population otherwise occupied in a false reality. No, it was the “tuning in” and “dropping out” part that kept them awake at night.

"Although it may be difficult for the uninitiated to understand this at face value, LSD and other psychedelic compounds have a profound life-altering affect on the user that, more often than not, serves to connect them (or reconnect, as the case may be) to the universal compassion and love for life that is inherent in our species. It invariably causes them to question the validity of the status quo, to examine their life and what surrounds them in terms of beliefs and values.

"And in this epoch of industrial civilization, the last thing a corporate culture that survives on war, aggression, and consumer spending needs is a consciously awakened population who inexorably choose to leave said culture in droves because they see it is killing the planet, themselves, and each other."

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