28 November 2008

No Crushing Injuries

No risk of fatal customer stampedes at today's show. Thank you Walmart for diverting the danger.

"Scentsy" (an MLM) melted candle wax right next to us sickened my other Flame within minutes of our arrival, and she had to leave. I heard the vendor telling shoppers it was "all natural" and put no chemicals in the air. Uh, yeah.... Paraffin in natural. The company's web site no where says the products are "natural" -- just that they are made with wax and "secret ingredients." Powerful ingredients that can gas a large room.

But at least I did learn to use a lucet , and started learing how to use an inkle loom.

Hopefully the neighbor won't turn the device on again tomorrow -- I spoke to her about it the first thing this morning, then late in the day after she turned it on again. Or perhaps I should take a large container of chili with me.

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