23 August 2007

I knew there would be mushrooms coming up after the recent rains, and yesterday, for the first time in a few weeks, I actually felt well enough to head out to the woods where I tramped for 3 hours. Nice little haul of chanterelles, along with a handful of hedgehogs and one catspaw. It felt so good to be out there, and to be able to actually move without having to rest on a log every few minutes. Today isn't so good, but there may be hope. Saw lots of red-bellied newts out there. Every one of them looked at me exactly the same way, as if to ask, "are you going to step on me?" I sincerely hope I did not step on any -- they blend in so well with the leaf litter.

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mrs random said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well, but my compliments on the mushroom haul! Beautiful. May they bring you good health and times!